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Our services

Identidad Visual


We design the visual identity of your company

Responsive Web

Responsive Websites

We develop sites that respond to the new technologies, requirements and devices

Servicios Integrales

Integral solutions

We offer you the complementary elements to take your site to the next level

Lunatics Host - Hosting


We work with reliable and stable servers so you can forget about dealing with issues in your web

Lunatics Ads - Google AdWords

Ads · SEM

We create and manage Google AdWords campaigns to get more out of your web

Lunatics Mailing

Email Marketing

We provide secure email marketing services

About us

We have been working for companies, design studios and advertising agencies for over ten years, providing integral solutions in graphic design and web development. Each project and client has different needs. To be able to achieve the best results, we provide different alternatives and invite our clients to play an active part at each stage of the process. We want to ensure that our clients are satisfied not only with the results of the work but also with their experience throughout the process.



Saavedra · C.A.B.A · Argentina



Agustín D. Bazzarini

(+54 011) 15.4414.2727